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September 2019


To be the global leader in providing eco-friendly solutions to leisure informatics problems.


We assist in linking the professionals in leisure industries with the academic researchers in informatics to solve leisure informatics issues. We encourage a pragmatic approach to ensue delivering a finished product or a service that is environmentally sustainable.


We value the highest level of ethics and integrity and are committed to minimise the carbon footprint in all our actions.


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has changed the way we work, live and enjoy our free time. Leisure Informatics field was invented to bring the applications of ICT in all leisure areas, such as sports & recreation, tourism & hospitality, music & entertainment, racing & gaming and meditation & relaxation under one roof. Leisure Informatics Society is the first group that recognises the importance of, and the benefits that can be reaped from, this union. Our goal is to facilitate academics in informatics and the industry experts in each of these leisure areas to work collaboratively and develop environmentally sustainable solutions to the problems. We encourage cross-pollination of ideas and expertise among our members who come from all the above areas of leisure.

    • Dr Rohan de Silva, CQU University Australia
    • Dr T.A. Piyasiri, Vice Chancellor, UNIVOTEC, Sri Lanka
    • Dr Ranjan Perera, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka
    • Mr Srilal Miththapala, LTL Holdings, Sri Lanka
    • Mr Lami Perera, Serco Australia